59 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

(347) 763-1975

After a long night of roaming the streets in search of the quintessential Brooklyn restaurants, we decided to grab a couple of drinks and head in for the night. Without putting much thought into where our Sunday afternoon was going to take us, we decided to hit the streets again and see what this beautiful borough had to offer our budding appetites. After walking past multiple restaurants, we realized that we were in NY but hadn’t even talked about having a slice of that famous NYC pizza! Oh that couldn’t be! LOL! I remember my longtime friend from Brooklyn telling me about a spot that she loved and would splurge on those ‘cheat’ days’. As luck would have it… we looked up and was pleasantly surprised that we were across the street from Artichoke Pizza (Sicilian style!). I had the vodka pizza which oozed with cheese and a vodka tomato sauce while my foodie in crime had a pepperoni slice and a slice of margherita. Definitely recommend this hole in the wall spot for anyone looking for that famous NYC slice. It doesn’t get anymore Brooklyn than that.