350 Mead Rd E&F, Decatur, GA 30030

+1 404.832.0016

We decided to give this place a shot because it’s billed as selling hormone free meats and locally sourced produce. It’s a very small space that’s located in Oakhurst Village in Decatur, GA. Considering that most of the Chinese food I’ve had in the past was heavily seasoned and high in sodium, this place threw me for a loop. The food was clean… veggies were fresh and none of the dishes were overly salty or greasy. Initially, I had mixed reviews about the food (drinks were great), but the wife thought everything was delish! The following day is what changed my opinion about how the dishes were prepared. After marinating in the fridge overnight, the leftovers were full of flavor. Oh yeah… loved the art work too!  🙂