232 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

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I was in town sponsoring a deep sea fishing trip and made my rounds to some of the top restaurants in Charleston.  FIG was my top choice based on proximity to the other bars and restaurants I was rating.  What better to try than fresh seafood while in Charleston?  I had already had a few appetizers and drinks at another restaurant, so I went light on the menu and had the Gag Grouper.  The grouper was pan seared and prepared with sungold tomato sauce, chanterelle (wild edible mushroom), and thai basil. The grouper was seared perfectly with a flaky exterior and soft, juicy interior to compliment the meatiness of the chanterelles.  The sungold tomato sause brought everything together.  I finished it all off with The Cheshire Cat cocktail (tequila, cucumber, floral tinctures, lime).  No wonder why there’s 3 James Beard Award plaques hanging on the wall!!!!