Prado 309 Esquina Virtudes, La Habana Vieja,

Havana, Cuba

+1 53.5.8178778

After settling into our beautiful hotel in Havana we couldn’t help wanting the nearest restaurant with authentic Cuban food, cheap prices, and of course an authentic mojito! As we whispered to one of the locals to take us to where you eat, our guide looked at us, smiled and said “Follow me!” with a slight head gesture. We winded through the beautiful old streets of Havana only to be pointed to an open air building where a man greeted us and placed us on a small elevator to ride up to the top floor where the restaurant was located. To our surprise the views were amazing as you could look over the city of Havana. As we looked over the balcony (of course after we ordered our drinks), we could smell the fresh seafood and meats that they were placing on the grill for dinner. As you order your food, the chef throws it on the grill right there for you and others to see. You smell the spices and rubs on the meats and veggies as they cook. As the anticipation for our food arose, our drinks were skillfully made and placed before us — Ahhh.. the taste of Cuban rum. Now going back to our food, which came out hot off the grill! Everything was top notch and tasted like no other Cuban dish we had had before. The highlight of the meal had to be the grilled octopus which was AMAZING! We have had nothing like it before! All in all I must say the food and beautiful rooftop views were everything we had hoped for an more to kick off our stay in Havana!